When you exit the self-parking garage follow the signs to Bally’s.  You will cross the sky-bridge then turn right where you will see a moving sidewalk. There is a rather narrow ramp next to the moving sidewalk.  Proceed into the hotel.  The hotel registration desk will be up a ramp on your left.  The Bally Tower elevators are across the lobby from the registration desk. The Dennis Hotel elevators are back down the hall toward the parking garage.

Room 2220 in the Bally Tower is an accessible room with two double beds.


It does not have an ocean view. The bathroom has a tub with grab bars.  There are also grab bars by the toilet.  Notice the location of the telephone which can interfere with the use of the grab bars.

To get to the casino from rooms in the Bally Tower, go back to the registration lobby and down the ramp.  Across from that ramp is another one that will take you down to the casino level.

Room 968 is in the Dennis Tower.  The Dennis Tower elevators are across the hall from the Total Rewards Center.  The room is directly across the hall from the elevators.  It does have an ocean view. 

The room has two double beds and is quite modern.  It appears to have been recently renovated.

You can travel between Bally’s and Caesars without going outside.  From the casino level at Caesars take the doors that lead to the convention rooms.  Look in the direction of the Boardwalk and you will see a “Welcome to Bally’s” sign . 

Follow the hallway to the elevator

Take the elevator to the lower level and enter Bally’s.

The casino at Bally’s is up a short flight of stairs from the Boardwalk.  If you want to go to the Boardwalk, look for the signs for Johnny Rockets.  Go toward the exit by the sign that is on your left.  There is a bank of “Hot Hot Penny” slots.  Just beyond these slots is a glass door with an exit sign.

The door has been modified since these photos were taken.  There is now a handicap sign and a button to open the door.

Go through the door and down the ramp. 

To enter Bally’s from the Boardwalk, use the entrance to the right of Johnny Rockets .  The ramp is on the right.

You can also go from Bally’s to their Wild West Casino without going outside.  Go back toward the self-parking garage.  You will see several steps ahead of you.  On the left before you get to the steps is a door way to a ramp.  After you leave the ramp you will come to a “T” with escalators to your right and left down to the Wild West casino. Turn right and there is an elevator just to the right of the escalator.  Take it down to the casino.

There are also slots and table games in the Claridge hotel.  The entrance is across from the Bally registration desk.  This casino is up a few steps but there is an elevator to the left of the stairs. 

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